OTN Network

AROTTECH Typical OTN Optical Transmission Solution

The large-scale data center single-fiber bidirectional ring network is composed of NCH 1000-5000 integrated transmission system platform equipped with EDFA optical amplifier board, DCM fixed dispersion compensation board, multiplexing and demultiplexing equipment, network management platform and other optical transmission equipment.

Ring architecture is a resilient and flexible optical transport service designed to provide a more robust transport network and improve operational efficiency. The ring network transmission uses wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) equipment to upload and download multiple services between each node, and constructs a large-scale data center ring network transmission network to realize the interconnection of multiple different types of services between each node in a single-core optical fiber intercommunication. At the same time, the ring network has a protection function to prevent the interruption of the optical cable from affecting the business and improve safety and stability. Any node in the network can realize point-to-point service transmission, and customers can flexibly schedule requirements according to the change of service bandwidth requirements of each node at any time, and support upgrade and expansion.