Data Center

Data Center 100G/400G/800G Solution

In the era of digital economy, the amount of data is growing explosively. As a key interconnect technology, networking is an indispensable part of data center infrastructure. Using the combination of 100G high-speed lossless Ethernet, AROTTECH launched 100G/400G high-speed performance data center solutions.

Data Center 25G/100G Solution

With the explosive growth of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the existing 10G/40G network can no longer meet the demand. As a high-bandwidth, high-density, low-cost, and low-power solution, the 25G/100G network architecture is helping data center networking to evolve towards higher performance and flexibility.

AROTTECH Typical Data Center Solution

The 25G/100G/400G network using the leaf-spine architecture consists of AROTTECH active optical cables and Optical Transceivers. The leaf-spine structure can create a fast, predictable, scalable, and efficient communication network for the data center. And the solution allows users to adopt the 10G/40G fiber optic cabling of the existing network to save costs to the greatest extent.

Customer Benefits

Business Continuity

To ensure the stable development of business, the solution aims to help 10G/40G network to upgrade to higher-speed 25G/100G network.


The overall solution and services are packaged to reduce costs and increase efficiency, facilitate service support, and improve investment efficiency.